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Monday, August 22, 2005
Chapter 1: Family plans.

The Rehviedro Revolution


Chapter 1: Family plans.


With closed eyes Stelam leant back into his chair, his hands clasped together with index fingers steepled resting on his chest. He sat in deep thought wondering how to broach the subject with his siblings, deep down he knew they were with him, but how far were they willing to go in the name of justice in the name of retribution. Ever since the rise of the senate they feared his family, his ancestors had proved tricky but when ever one gained enough power to fight back, they were sent off to a far out of the way position where they could cause little trouble, while only his brother actively remained in the homeland, but with some manoeuvring he had managed to get his sister assigned the ambassadorial post where he himself was stationed, across the seas from his home shores, away from his eldest children.

Thoughts crossed his mind, and a thin smile crossed his lips, they shipped him to Nesad to get him out of the way, but it worked out even more advantageous, the power he accumulated here with his marriage to Princess Vierna, the contacts he had made in the royal family and the Nesad Military gave him even more leverage for his little venture the senate would pay for their transgressions against his family and the others that had felt the same sting with those thoughts the thin smile became a wide grin, it was all falling into place, now was the time.

Disturbing him from his thoughts was a knock from the door; he opened his eyes and waited for whoever was there to announce themselves.

“Milord, Ambassador Aeli and General Rh’vaurek are here to see you.” The servant announced from behind the thick oak doors.

“Send them in.” Stelam replied pouring three glasses of house wine for himself and his two siblings once done he stood up and waited for their entrance.

The doors swung open and side by side they walked in, Rh’vaurek in heavy military boots that clicked on the slate floor as he walked, black trousers and a Mithril chain shirt that jingled with every step only because he allowed it to. At his hip hung a sword that denoted his rank, a general in his own right, commander of one of the best fighting units of Rehviedro, loyal until death to him. Beside him walked his sister, rich emerald green satin robes flowed like water as she walked with enough grace to rival any of the Nesad royal family, they stepped up to Stelam and bowed politely “It is good to see you brother.” They said warmly. “But what is the nature of this meeting?”

Stelam gestured for them to take a seat then handed them each a glass of wine, as they sat Stelam too retook his seat and picked up his glass of wine. “I have brought you here to talk privately, away from the prying eyes of the senate’s spies.” Stelam stated taking a sip from his long stemmed crystal glass. “It is time my siblings, time we took control, the senate has grown bloated, corrupt, and have out lived their usefulness.”

 Aeli raised an eyebrow at Stelam’s words. “Are you saying what I think you are saying?”

“If you are thinking Revolution, then you are correct.” Stelam replied. “I want to make sure my siblings are with me on this, If you are not the plans stop here.”

Aeli sat quietly for a moment, but now it was Rh’vaurek’s turn to speak. “What exactly do you have planned?” He asked his curiosity had been peaked.

Stelam held up his hand to hold Rh’vaurek’s question in check until he had Aeli’s response. “Are you with us?” He asked. “It is all or none.” Stelam added.

Aeli took a sip of the chilled wine then looked from her younger brother to her twin brother, both of them already seemed set on this idea, and deep in her heart she know this was not something her brothers would have thought up on a spur of the moment, months, even years of planing had to have gone through Stelam’s head before he would have even considered mentioning this to even them. “Aye, I’m with you.” She replied respectfully.

Stelam smiled. “I would hate to have had to fight you sister.” He stated then turned his attention to his brother “We need to assess potential allies in the fight, if I return home and am seen talking to other house leaders and commanders it might look suspicious, I have a list of people that I believe we can easily convince to join our cause, and some we might have to be a little more careful around. I don’t have to tell you to watch your words to those loyal to the senate. I also want you to pass this message onto everyone else in the family make sure they all understand that even if they support us they don’t have to fight, Ill arrange safe houses here for them.”

Rh’vaurek nodded slightly and accepted a silver scroll tube from Stelam that consisted of the various allies House Radaik had.

“I’m tired of our house being pushed around by the senate, it is time we pushed back, we are stronger than ever and with our house allies we can topple the senate and reinstate the emperor’s rule.” Stelam’s last words were said with pure conviction that they would win this fight. Out of this fight, Rehviedro will return strong.”

Finishing off his statement Stelam retrieved his ceremonial house dagger, he raised it and passed it through the flickering candle, before dipping it in a glass of water, he waived it through the air before stabbing down on the slate floor, the blade easily passed through the stone without any resistance. “By Fire and water, air and earth, we shall remain strong; blood binds us, and shall forever keep us, so do I sware.” Finishing the oath he retrieved the dagger from the slate and sliced it across the palm of his left hand before passing it to Rh’vaurek, he did the same slicing the ceremonial dagger across his left palm, then passed it over to his sister to complete the ritual.

“Blood binds us and forever keeps us.” Rh’vaurek and Aeli said as one before clasping hands joining as one.

“Go my siblings, time is of the essence.” Stelam stated “Today is the beginning of the rest of out lives.”

Rh’vaurek and Aeli stood up form their chairs then bowed to Stelam and quickly left the chamber to return to their daily lives like nothing happened.

Stelam watched the doors close and clasped his hands together and smiled victory would be theirs.

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Chapter 2: Welcome to the Revolution

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Revolution



As the coach pulled up at the Rehviedro embassy, both Aeli and Rh’vaurek stepped out, the embassy gates overlooked the magnificent harbour, with the warm summer sun shining brightly off the water, twinkling like crystal. Both brother and sister watched it momentarily before Aeli broke the silence. “Are you sure you don’t want the coach to take you down to the waterfront?” She asked.

“No thank you dear sister it is a nice day, I think I’ll enjoy the walk more, it will give me a chance to look over the city while I do so.” Rh’vaurek replied.

“It is too bad you can’t stay any longer, or I would show you around the city myself.” Aeli stated.

“An offer I’ll take up at another time sister, but for now I must be off, Wind to your wings.” Rh’vaurek stated.

“Elements protect you.” Aeli replied before turning and heading into the embassy grounds.

Rh’vaurek strolled down hill towards the harbour he was widely ignored; foreigners were common on the docks and didn’t seem out of place. Making his way swiftly to the wharf where the ship that delivered him here was docked, stepping up the gangway he noticed the senior officer standing on the bridge, he noticed his line of sight, staring directly at the Nesadan flag ship, The Shooting Star.

Stepping up behind Deletham, Rh’vaurek made his presence known. “It is a nice ship isn’t it, Commodore.”

Deletham turned and bowed to Rh’vaurek. “Aye she is a fine vessel, she looks fast and nimble through the water yet not at all weak.”

“From what I’ve heard that she is.” Rh’vaurek replied. “We should leave as soon as possible, but in the meantime I have a few things I wish to discuss with you.”

Deletham raised an eyebrow then gestured to his cabin. “After you General.”

Rh’vaurek and Deletham stepped through the doors into Deletham’s cabin; it was decorated in ornaments and trophies from the commodore’s victorious sea battles. Rh’vaurek was impressed, Deletham was obviously the man they wanted for the job. “I am not accustom to taking orders on my own ship.” Deletham stated as he poured himself a glass of brandy from his private stock, then one for Rh’vaurek.

“No, this is not an order; you are a man of unique talents.” Rh’vaurek spoke, before continuing the conversation mentally. You have these talents as well as the ability to control the winds, none of your ships ever get caught in storms they always have great sailing weather.

What are you saying? Deletham enquired, alarm bells going off in his head something wasn’t right.

You are exactly what my family needs, an admiral with your unique talents to control the seas while we take the land, the senate fears us, and our talents, why do you think they banned their practice, destroyed the temples all those years ago, to try and stop it, hide it from us, but there are those of us who know better, the senate is corrupt, bloated, and paranoid that their grip on the country is slipping. The winds of change are blowing Deletham; you can either be swept away by them, or carried into a new brighter future for all concerned. Rh’vaurek stated.

You are speaking rebellion that is treason. Deletham replied what makes you think you’ll succeed?

The fact we can summon all those with our unique talents to join us so that they can no longer live in fear from of prosecution. Rh’vaurek replied. You do realise that any children you have are going to have your talents too, do you want them to live in fear of a corrupt government that doesn’t understand the power it could command if it wasn’t so scared?

You are serious aren’t you; this is no idle thinking this has been going on for some time hasn’t it? Deletham asked.

Indeed it has Deletham, Don’t you want to come into the sun, instead of hiding your awesome talents, I know you do use them discretely, I also know that you do not have the control over them that you wished, I was there that fateful night you friend died, I saw first hand the storm you created with grief and anger, the worst storm in my memory to hit the capital. I found you, gave you a life, a career, without me you would be dead in a gutter, no one to morn you, the rats would feed of your body and no one would care, a street rat is all you would have been, nothing more. You owe me Deletham, you owe me big! Rh’vaurek forced the last words into Deletham’s mind to emphasise his point.

No need to threaten me, I will join your cause; I just wanted to make sure you were not testing me. Deletham replied.

Oh I was Deletham; you are exactly what we need. Rh’vaurek replied before extending his hand, Welcome to the revolution.

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Chapter 3: Return home.

Chapter 3: Return home.



After leaving Nesad, Justice sailed swiftly across the Sea of Stars, the winds always at their backs the Rehviedro coast soon came into view after only a few days of clear sailing. Rh’vaurek came up on deck to Join Deletham at the helm. “I think for all concerned, it might be best if you are stationed at Justarus.” Rh’vaurek said quietly into Deletham’s ear

Deletham simply nodded and made slight changes to the course they were on, turning from their line to the capital to the Justaran port of T’nor. “What of the Lord Admiral?” He back asked simply.

“Let me take care of the Lord Admiral, he is on Stelam’s list of potential allies, but I think it might be a task more suited to Ael’s style of negotiation than my own.” Rh’vaurek replied.

Deletham nodded again, He agreed with Rh’vaurek, T’nor was perfect for him, without him having to sail up and down the coast casting suspicion to upon himself. “Can you send message to my wife then to join me here?” He asked softly.

“Of course, I’ll bring her back myself, and you shall both be guests in our home.” Rh’vaurek replied.

Soon enough the Marble spires of the T’nor port lighthouse came in to view standing tall on the Justaran headland, their reflected sunlight a shining beacon after the wide trek over the Sea of stars. Justice sailed swiftly for its new home, closing in on T’nor; many more buildings came into focus, the marble city shone with brilliance that even the capital could not match. Rh’vaurek’s heart thumped proudly as he gazed upon his home, the sight of it as he returned made up for the weeks and months at a time he was separated from it, he would savour the few days he was here until he had to make the trek to the capital to continue his business.

“Continue down the coast a few more Kli, I’ll tell you where to stop, then I’ll row ashore.” Rh’vaurek stated, “The Radaik manor will come into view soon after we pass T’nor.”

Deletham nodded and the sails flapped vigorously in response filling with the northerly sea breeze and Justice continued on her course down the coast, she made good time and Rh’vaurek soon departed the ship, rowed ashore by two of Deletham’s crew. Marching up the private beach he crossed the dunes and was soon on the manor grounds proper. With the carefully manicured lawns and the beautifully cultivated garden, the sea air mixed with the fragrant flowers and Rh'vaurek just had to stop and take a deep breath, he was defiantly home now.

After picking one of the blooming flowers, Rh'vaurek stepped through the back doors, he was not noticed as he walked in, he managed to creep up behind his wife and wrap his arms around her in a hug, letting her see the flower he whispered in her ear. “A flower for an angel.”

Twisting around in his arms Shiarrael smiled as she looked into his eyes. “It is good to have you home husband.” She said warmly before kissing him softly.

Rh’vaurek placed the flower in her hair and returned her kiss. “It is good to be home.” He replied. “We must gather the family; I have important news to share with all of us.”

Shiarrael nodded simply. “Good news or bad?” She asked.

“Important news.” Rh’vaurek answered.

Shiarrael nodded once more and broke from Rh’vaurek’s embrace before going off to find the servants to pass on the message that all the family was needed for an important meeting.

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Chapter 4: Family Meeting.

Chapter 4: Family Meeting.



Rh’vaurek sat in his armchair, running his fingers through the fur of one of the family cats that had found his lap to be a comfortable place to rest. Slowly the family trickled into the large sitting room. He looked at each and every one of them. “I have just returned from my visit to Nesad and after speaking with Stelam is has come to my attention too that the time is now.”

Eyebrows when up around the room as they looked with confusion at Rh’vaurek. “What do you mean?” Aev asked of his uncle.

“It is time we stopped living in fear of the senate, he wants to try and force the senates hand and make them stand down, if not we are to show them the allies we have, and fight to separate ourselves from their control.” Rh'vaurek stated. “This is where you all come in; you all have your various contacts, friends, associates, and those that have married into the family you have your own families, who we consider our allies.”

Sitting next to him Shiarrael looked at her husband she knew his heart better than most, she knew where it lie, it I was with the people, not with the government that had lost its way. She patted his hand with understanding of what he was going to ask her to do.

Rh’vaurek removed the parchment that Stelam had given him, listed on it were various allies of the house and others that the family had other ties with, be it commercial or military. “I’m going to give you all a target to try and convince that it would be prudent to join us in our quest, if one of us was to visit all these people it might become suspicious, but all of us visiting them at different times, will look like we are going about our usual business.” Rh’vaurek explained

“My wife, I want you to talk to your father, I know our two families haven’t always seen eye to eye on things, but this is one I believe they will be receptive to, try to convince him that this is the best course of action, for his future generations.”

Shiarrael nodded, “I will husband.”

“Ael I want you to talk to Lord Admiral Korval I also want you to convince him that Commodore Sahen will be better off stationed here. You will join Shiarrael and I as we head to the capital where I will talk to the patron of the Sahen house.”

Next to Rh’vaurek sat Stelam’s daughter Ael, a strong and confident woman with fiery passion and anger, she was his protégé too, earning the nickname black widow through the way she carried out assassinations, she carried herself with grace and poise of the noble woman she was and was well sort after in the court but very few held her attention for long, and any that did, were scared off by the reputation of her father.

“Lord Admiral Korval.” She said more to herself, thinking out loud. “What happens if he refuses?”

“Make sure he doesn’t, and if you can’t, make sure he doesn’t remember.” Rh’vaurek stated.

Ael nodded simply she understood fully what Rh’vaurek implied, this was a potentially dangerous assignment, if things went sour they could get really messy but it never stopped her from taking such assignments before.

  The unspoken understanding between uncle and niece said it all, before he turned to his only nephew. “I want you and Jhu to talk to her family, and to those we have business investments with, convince them that we are the best place to keep their investments. That might be a little harder to do so I want you to be especially careful.”

Aev and Jhu both nodded, knowing the enormity of their task, they would see it through to the end. “We accept the task.” They said in unison.

Finally Rh’vaurek looked to his youngest Niece, daughter of his sister and close friend of his wife, “Shi, I want you to talk to S’Talon and see if his family would be inclined to ally themselves with us, they are only a small family and could be easily swept aside if fighting breaks out, allying themselves with us would give them the protection with our other allies too, new business dealings and a way to strengthen their house.”

“Understood uncle.” Shiarrael stated proudly at being given this chance to form a new alliance for her family.

“The meeting is over, I don’t need to stress the importance of the discretion in your dealings, we don’t need the senate finding out about our little plans, they will find out soon enough once we find out who our true friends are. Elements protect you.” Rh’vaurek said finishing the meeting.

As everyone got up to once again go about their business Llaiir stayed and looked at Rh'vaurek, she had waited all meeting to get an assignment and now it was over. “What about me uncle?” She asked softly.

Rh’vaurek smiled. “You have other qualities; your friendship with the Princess Vierna and others in the Illythirian court has made Stelam take notice. He wants you to head to Nesad, and start work as an aide with your Aunt Aeli; you will take the children, Imzel, S’harien, and your brother to Nesad with you. They know you and will not be so scared on the journey.”

A smile lined Llaiir’s face, ambassador’s aide was a very honourable position and for Stelam to believe she could do that gave her immense pride, she knew that no matter how favoured she was, if he didn’t believe she could do the task, he wouldn’t put her there. “Thank you.” She said getting up out of her chair and walking over to him wrapping her arms around his broad chest in a warm hug before whispering again. “Thank you.”

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Friday, September 02, 2005
Chapter 5: Separate ways.

Chapter 5: Separate ways.



Rh’vaurek stood with Llaiir in the main garden while giving Imzel some final instructions when the blue swirl of a portal opened up before them. Rh’vaurek’s hand went for his weapon, when Llaiir stayed his hand. “No uncle, that is Lord Ranger Jolanthus Trel, he is the Nesadan equivalent of Stelam.”

Jolanthus planting his feet on solid ground bowed to Rh’vaurek and Llaiir. “General Radaik, Lady Radaik.” Greeted coming out of the bow. “I come with word from your brother.” He finished addressing Rh’vaurek more than the group.

Rh’vaurek nodded in acknowledgement of Jolanthus’ welcome. “What does my brother have to say?”

“That I am to escort the children and Lady Radaik back to your embassy in Nesad, he also said he’ll be here for the Bratokka festival, he wants you to extend an invitation to all your house allies to be here for the festival where he’ll address them personally.”

Rh'vaurek nodded to the Lord Ranger again acknowledging his words. “Thank you Lord Ranger, Will he be arriving by ship or through one of your portals so I know what to expect?” He asked.

“Portal.” Jolanthus said simply. “It is quicker and leaves less chance of his being discovered on route.”

“Understood.” Rh'vaurek replied knowing Stelam’s penchant for secrecy and new found interest in the arcane arts. He turned to his adoptive daughter “Run along and get your brother and nephew, you are going with Llaiir and the Lord Ranger to Stay with your aunt In Nesad, you’ll be safe there and they can continue your training.”

The young girl looked up at her adoptive father and nodded. “Yes father.” She said softly before casting a curious glance over the handsome ebon skinned male, and then ran off quickly to retrieve the infants for travel.

Rh’vaurek said his goodbyes to the group before heading to the manor gates where the coach awaited for their journey to Rien.

Rien stood for more than two millennia it was the founding city of Rehviedro, but in recent years time had not been kind to it, she was starting to show her age and the city, like the country it started was fraying at the edges, the senate that ruled it had become bloated and corrupt, concerned more about keeping their own positions of power than the people who had put them there a thousand years ago, it had become nepotistic and generation after generation of lacklustre leaders had filled its ranks for a long time now. Fear also gripped the senate, those different from themselves that could prove dangerous, people who clung to the old ways, such as the psions and elementals.

The Radaik household had many of these, powerful psions and elementals, but their influence as a house and the respect they held throughout the country meant they were a dangerous enemy and had to be dealt with carefully, execution would make them martyrs so that’s where exile came in, hoping to shame the family into submission, this is exactly the punishment they exacted on Stelam, the former patriarch of the Radaik household, but with recent events that they couldn’t have foreseen, He had become more powerful that before, he had formed new connections as well as maintaining his old one in Rehviedro right under the senates nose, the single worst mistake they could have made in recent years that would bring their reign to its knees.

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